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Companies That Win Awards Do This

Is your goal is to join US CXA® '22 successfully and increase your chances of getting a prize? Would you like to make history by entering the Hall of Fame at our first-ever US awards? If yes, we suggest you take notes from our previous winners and learn how.

The companies that triumph at our awards don't achieve that by accident. They actually have several things in common, helping them get shortlisted and compete for the accolades.

We have analyzed many of our past champions and noticed three things they do. Give them a read to improve your chances of success!

Serve their customers

Successful companies constantly focus on their customers, maintaining close communication with them via various channels. They listen to what their customers are saying and ensure their needs are met. All company efforts are directed towards providing exquisite CX, without exception.

Focus on their strengths

True winners know what they are good at and place extra focus on it. They think about what makes them different and what can help them rise above the competition. Each award-winning company excels in at least one area, providing top-notch service or high-quality products.

Learn and innovate

There is no success without constant improvement. Top companies know that, and they invest in educating their employees and coming up with new, practical solutions to improve their services. Winning companies win because they refuse the status quo, opting for a proactive approach to business.

Do you have CX results you're incredibly proud of? Would you like to bring more attention to your business and spread the word about your services?

If that's the case, the US Customer Experience Awards is the perfect event for you! Join top American companies and enter the race for the highest CX honors!

The best way to prepare well is by studying the plan2win®. This how-to guide will show you:

  • How to choose the right category(-ies)
  • Tips on writing a successful entry
  • What the judges are looking for

Download the plan2win for FREE here:

See you at the awards!