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How Awards Help Your Business Achieve Goals

Why is it important to enter awards and compete for an accolade? How can your company benefit from taking part? Well, this blog will cover the top three ways that US CXA® can help your business flourish. Let's dive in..

Strengthened credibility

When you're shortlisted as a finalist, it will separate you from your competitors and increase your brand exposure. And if you end up as a Gold Winner, you'll be sending a powerful message to customers and business partners alike. You will become more visible, more recognisable and more credible!

Motivated employees

Getting an award also means recognising your employees' hard work and dedication, inspiring them to be even better! By inviting your employees to the Awards Ceremony, you'll help them feel cherished, appreciated, and part of something bigger. This shared experience will motivate your team to stay with the company and continue doing stellar work.

Getting new talents

Winning a CX award will make your company more attractive to potential recruits. Everyone loves being a part of a successful business, and applicants are looking for proof of excellence and industry recognition. Entering a prestigious awards event and winning a trophy will be solid proof that your company is an excellent place to work.


If you have CX results you're immensely proud of and want to give your business a boost, the US Customer Experience Awards is the perfect event for you!

Everything you need to know about entering is in the plan2win®. This go-to document will show you:

  • How to choose the right category(-ies)
  • Tips on writing a successful entry
  • What the judges are looking for


Download the plan2win for FREE here: