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How Companies That Win Awards Approach Customer Experience

Most companies that win CX awards have several things in common. But what are they?

Well, we've been analyzing several CX initiatives from our previous events, and here is what we noticed. Embracing these practices will help you delight your customers even more and compete for a place at the top!

Listen to what their customers are saying

CX winners value customer feedback, and use sophisticated VOC tools to gain granular insights, ones that can inform their future strategy. Making use of any feedback (review, complaint, comment, etc.) is essential for making the company more customer-centric.

Facilitate the stages of the buyer's journey

Our champions work hard to remove any friction: they simplify and facilitate the experience of visiting their website, purchasing their products/services and/or engaging with their organization in any other way. Their solutions are easy and intuitive.

Encourage communication across all channels

Successful CX companies make creative use of social media, blog, newsletter, podcast, etc. to promote their services and keep talking to their customers. They engage in meaningful discussions with them and keep the conversation going.

Make customer happiness their priority

Nothing is more important than making customers happy. Companies with a track record of great CX results value customer happiness as the ultimate KPI - if you focus on this, commercial success will take care of itself.

Would you like to learn from one of our past winners and find out how they presented their results and impressed the judges? Our latest case study tells the story of SAP, a well-known software provider who teamed up with Parkland Health & Hospital System in Dallas County, Texas.

Their initiative was truly inspiring, and it got recognized at the International CXA® in 2020 by winning in two categories: 1) Best Use of Customer Insight and Feedback and 2) Digital Transformation - Solution for the Customer.

In this case study, you can read:

SAP's full entry form
The comments they received from the judging panel
* 3 best practices to improve your customer experience

Give it a read to better understand how to write an award-winning entry and what to implement in your CX strategy. The document is available for FREE download here. Start preparing today - and see you at the awards!