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Improve Your Business by Learning From Top CX Leaders

All our awards programs emphasize learning and professional development. We genuinely want to help each entrant succeed in business and improve their organization in the coming years. If you want to gain more knowledge about the latest trends and practices in customer experience, attending the awards and competing with the best of the best is the perfect way to do this.


At the awards, you can meet, network and connect with CX leaders and forge new business connections. You get to learn from the expert awards judges through their invaluable feedback, and attend CXTrendTalks panel discussions with industry experts. And you can also watch all open presentations to see what other companies are doing well. So many ways to learn!


But this learning doesn't stop once the Awards Ceremony finishes. After the awards, we continue to spread the word about our Gold Winners by sharing tips, useful practices and success stories. For this blog, we had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Willett, Director of Customer Experience Practice Management at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City. At last year's ICXA, they won four trophies, including gold in the category: Best Measurement in Customer Experience.


Here are Mary's words of wisdom regarding the entry process, preparation and how winning awards helps business. Enjoy the read!


1. What is your advice for writing an awards entry? What should it focus on?
Allow yourself plenty of time to write and edit your award application. Review the award criteria carefully and verify that you thoroughly answered all the questions. Provide compelling, supporting evidence to validate all key points. Engage key business partners to review your drafts and the final application before submitting it.


2. How should our finalists prepare their presentations to impress the judges?
Make sure that you proactively address the judges' presentation questions. Keep the delivery upbeat and ensure effective transitions from presenter to presenter. Know the content thoroughly and practice, practice, practice using your visual aids. Time your practice sessions!


3. In your opinion, how does entering and winning an award help a business?
The improvement feedback and validation we receive are invaluable! The judges provide non-biased, tangible insights backed by years of professional experience. Additionally, our CX network expands to include other companies and CX practitioners. Ultimately, we use the award insights to mature our CX practice.


If you're looking to share your CX story and join Blue Cross in the CXA Hall of Fame, enter the US Customer Experience Awards today!