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This is How Leading CX Companies Enter Awards

Studying the successful practices of previous winners is a great way to prepare for your awards journey. Adopting them in your awards preparation will significantly increase your chance of getting shortlisted.

We have analyzed various entries from our previous programs, focusing on what winners do so well. Read on to find out more!

Putting their best results forward

Our winners focus on their top CX initiative and craft their entry around it. They don't tell any old story; they tell their best success story of improving customer experience, and make sure to include specific and tangible results.

Choosing the appropriate category (-ies)

You might have launched a fantastic initiative, but you won't win if you enter the wrong category. Our winners always ensure that the category (-ies) they pick are suited to the strengths of their intitiave.

Including plenty of relevant details

A well-crafted entry uses the total word count and fully describes the initiative in question. The judges should understand easily what the initiative is about and what results it helped achieve. As business experts, they expect to see numbers and clear results before they can be convinced!

Supporting your entry with attached documents

Attaching relevant documents to your entry helps the judges better understand your initiative. Our awards winners add images, graphs or charts that explain their results in greater depth.

Telling an inspiring success story

A good entry should have an introduction, a middle and an ending that takes the judges on a journey through the initiative. Winning companies always craft their awards entries as successful stories of customer experience.

Do you want to write an entry that can help you reach the Awards Finals? We have just the right document for you!

This Sample Model Entry is an example of a previous Gold Winner's entry. It will help you get a clearer picture of what a quality entry looks like and what it contains, so you can start preparing today.

Download it for FREE here (tick the box next to the document name).

See you at the US Customer Experience Awards!