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Top Reasons Why US CXA® Is the Best Place to Learn What's New in Customer Experience

The upcoming US Customer Experience Awards won't just be an awards event but a place of learning for every dedicated CX professional and organization.

Here is why you can improve your CX practice by entering the race.

CXPA as our global partner

When it comes to empowering CX professionals and improving the CX practice globally, Customer Experience Professionals Association is at the top of the industry. Its members give advice, learn from each other and grow together, advancing their careers and reaching new heights. CXPA will help us stay at the forefront of what's new so that we can continue sharing the latest CX trends and developments with our entrants and thus help them become better.

The amazing steering council

For each of our events, we establish a Steering Council to provide guidance and support, and US CXA® is no exception. We have selected the members among the finalists and judges at the International CXA® edition of the awards, and they are all CX experts and practitioners with noteworthy results. Their expertise and passion for advancing customer experience will enable us to deliver on all levels and share the best tips with those who enter the race.

Top experts as awards judges

Our judges are all seasoned professionals, and many of them have judged with us over a dozen times! They are determined to help the CX community and "up the game" for their team members, clients and partners alike. Their extensive industry knowledge and absolute commitment to customer experience will significantly contribute to the fair and objective scoring at the awards, bringing out the best from every initiative.

Would you like to learn from one of our past winners and find out how they presented their results and impressed the judges?

Our latest case study tells the story of SAP, a well-known multinational corporation, which teamed up with Parkland Health & Hospital System in Dallas County, Texas.

Their initiative was amazing, and it got recognized in 2020 at the International Customer Experience Awards by winning in two different categories: 1) Best Use of Customer Insight and Feedback and 2) Digital Transformation - Solution for the Customer.

In this case study, you can read:

  • SAP's full entry form
  • The comments they received from the judging panel
  • 3 best practices to improve your customer experience

Give it a read to better understand how to write an award-winning entry and what to implement in your CX strategy.

The document is available for FREE download:

Start preparing today - and see you at the awards!