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What Can You Learn From Our Experienced Judges?

Winners are constant learners. They never stop trying to improve. That's why we make sure you can learn and grow professionally by entering the awards.

The judges at our awards do more than score your entry and presentation. They give you advice and provide solid feedback you can use to improve as a CX professional and take your organisation to new heights.

All the judges in our events are seasoned professionals with considerable esteem in their respective industries. They have a proven track record of noteworthy results, so you can benefit significantly from their experience and expertise.

In the judges' feedback report, you'll find their scores and comments about your written entry, your live presentation at the Awards Finals, and their overall impression of your initiative. You can also see how your scores compared to others in your category!

This feedback will explain:

What was very good

Which points you covered well - typically, this is due to substantial evidence for your results and in-depth explanations of their impact on your business.

What was less good

Which points you didn't cover as well as you could, including what you could improve when applying for upcoming awards.

What you should focus on

These are the areas in which you showed great potential for success. Keep developing these in your future initiatives and you'll be sure to find success!

After the Awards Ceremony, we will send a Feedback Report to each of our finalists, containing all their scores, comments from the judges, and advice on how to succeed at future awards.

We made a Sample Feedback Report available for FREE download here:

This is an example of an actual report sent to a Gold Winner at one of our previous awards. Download it to learn how the winners impress the judges!