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There are 19 categories this year, each of which recognizes a particular aspect of CX excellence. Take a look below, and remember: you can enter as many as you like!

We’ve divided the categories into three main sections:

CX Classics: recognizing the different aspects shaping a world-class CX strategy

CX Evolution: celebrating emerging trends in the CX world

CX Professionals: honoring the teams and leaders that are key to CX success

CX Classics

Customers at the Heart of Everything

This is one of our most popular categories, and with good reason! If an organization really wants to excel at CX, customers need to be front and centre. Are your customers at the heart of what you do? How do you show that you cherish them? Show us and join the awards finalists!

Customer Experience in the Crisis

This category is reserved for companies that have provided excellent customer experience during a crisis, overcoming the odds to achieve great results. If you've managed to delight your customers during troubled times, this is the place to share your achievements with the judging panel!

Customer-Centric Culture - SME

Company culture is what drives an organization forward. It involves all the ways in which tasks are performed/ how employees behave and treat each other/ as well as the customers. This category is reserved for companies who can prove that their culture is focused on putting customers first.

Customer-Centric Culture - Large Company

Best Customer Service

Customer service refers to all the ways in which an organization helps its customers along the buyer’s journey. When done well, it helps customers feel cherished and respected - and makes them want to buy. Share your results with the judging panel!

Best Use of Technology

The pandemic has made clear the vital importance of technology to business success. With organizations across US making innovative use of new tech tools/ this is your chance to show how you’ve put them to fantastic use – and enhanced the customer experience as a result.

Business Change and Transformation

The last few years have shown us the importance of adaptation, but also the need to introduce necessary changes and bring about business transformation. What actions have you taken to change your business for the better? Present your results and get in the race for an award in this category!

Best Measurement in Customer Experience

If you can't measure CX, you can't manage it! How good are you at this? What methods are you using? The awards in this category are reserved for organizations that have measured CX in a precise and effective way. Show us how it's done!

Best Measurement in Customer Experience - over 5,000 employees

Best Digital Customer Experience

The pandemic has shown everyone the vital importance of digital tools - but how has your company been using them to enhance CX? If you provide your customers with a smooth, intuitive and rewarding digital experience, this is the perfect category for you!

Best Use of Omnichannel

Today's top CX strategies are platform-agnostic: companies engage with customers wherever they are. This award is for organizations that communicate and resolve issues with customers across a wide range of platforms, providing a frictionless customer experience as a result.

CX Evolution

Diverse and Inclusive Customer Experience

CX is about giving every customer a great experience - so diversity and inclusion are vital to its success. This award is for organizations that go the extra mile for all their customers, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or other protected characteristics.

Employee Experience in the Crisis

The pandemic caused a revolution in the world of work - how did your company rise to the challenge? This category recognizes companies whose innovation and resilience helped their employees keep going - and do great work - in a time of national crisis.

CX Leader of the Year

Behind every successful CX team is an amazing leader, one who inspires everyone to realize their potential and achieve fantastic results. Who do you think is the best CX leader within your organization? Show us their results and explain why they should win an award in this category. See you at the awards!