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CXPA: Our Global
Partners in Advancing CX

We're incredibly proud to be partnered with the Customer Experience Professionals Association for this event.

Together, we represent the world's biggest CX community. We're united by our desire to bring customer experience professionals closer together, and equip them with valuable lessons to enhance their customer centricity.

In the past two years, we've joined forces with the CXPA for six different events:

  • US CX Awards
  • UK CX Awards
  • Asia CX Awards
  • European CX Awards
  • Turkey CX Awards
  • International CX Awards

As Greg Melia, CXPA's incredible CEO, puts it: "Awards International and CXPA share a passion in advancing the discipline of Customer Experience by spotlighting success stories and encouraging continual improvement." We couldn't agree more!

The Awards are just the tip of the iceberg: taking part puts you in contact with an enormous global community of CX professionals. So whether you're looking to win or looking to learn, USCXA™ is the perfect event for you!